A personal post – What Custom Photography is to Me – San Antonio Photographer

June 7, 2010 · 5:01 pm

Custom Photography. It’s a phrase thrown about SO much it seems. Lightly, without regard to what CUSTOM truly means.

What does custom photography mean to me? And how do I ensure your experience is a fabulous one?

It means client receives my utmost attention to every single detail. Their vision for the session, paired with mine, is considered, well thought out, and executed with care & precision. From the initial contact, my client is my priority. I happily discuss options for location – not just any old park will do! We discuss visions, investment, but most importantly, we discuss YOU. The client. What are YOU looking to receive from a session – a more traditional feel, or something more carefree, relaxed. Are you looking for indoors, our outdoors? Natural or a more funky urban approach? We’ll discuss what to wear, depending on the location. We’ll discuss how to approach the session. At the time of the session, we’ll have a great time. We’ll talk, we’ll laugh – I want you to feel like you are the only family there is! Because at that time, you are. You will have 110% of my attention. I want you to feel a warm fuzzy feeling from beginning to end! After the session, I will carefully select the photos that represent you & the vision we set for the session. They will be edited to bring out and highlight details, to provide you with family heirlooms. After the gallery is complete, we’ll get together in a comfortable environment. You will watch a slideshow of your gorgeous images, set to music. You will review your proofs and we will discuss wall display options, print options, fine art products and digital collections. When your products arrive, they will be packaged and prepared for you, with special touches to remind you just how much I enjoyed the experience. Why? Because I do! This is my job, sure. But this is also my passion! I thoroughly enjoy meeting each and every client, getting to know personalities and opinions! My business is capturing your life, one click at a time.

When you are looking for a photographer, it’s important to look past the initial investment. Look at their portfolio, see that they are a member of a professional photographer association (such as Professional Photographer’s of America or “PPA”) talk to past clients (if possible), do your research, including reading online reviews such as on Google and other search engines. With fly-by-night businesses running rampant, it’s important to do your homework and ensure that your investment is in a reputable professional registered business. Don’t fall prey to the false claims of those who promise something that seems too good to be true – it likely is. Truly CUSTOM photography is an investment. And for your investment, you will receive an experience, not just a photo session. You will receive heirlooms, treasures to last a lifetime.

I look forward to meeting you, and making you feel like a star!

-Melissa Rodriguez
Photography by Melissa R
“Life Captured. One Click at a Time”