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Big Changes Coming Soon! {San Antonio Photographer} {San Antonio Wedding Photographer}

March 2, 2015 · 12:14 am

Big changes are coming to both the Portrait and Wedding sides of our little business! We have new materials, photos and professional partnerships to talk about! We can’t wait to share all the details with each and every one of you – we know it’s been quiet on the blog, but it has NOT be quiet around town! We have been snapping away, capturing moments and memories for all the amazing people we have met!

Please stop and take a look at the sites, checking back for changes.

WOW! It’s been a while! {San Antonio Photographer}

February 6, 2014 · 3:04 am

My oh my. It’s been a while!

While we have been BUSY BUSY, we have neglected our blog oh so much.

We have been busy shooting weddings at some of THE most gorgeous venues in Texas, as well as some of the most AMAZING families in and around San Antonio (dare we say it….even in Texas!). We feel so lucky and incredibly blessed to have been frolicking around the Hill Country, doing what we love and making people happy.

Here are just a few of our recent favorites, and we promise to be back more often!!

Happy New Year! {Portraits} {Photography by Melissa R}

December 31, 2012 · 5:57 pm

Last day of 2012. Holy moly. Where did this year go? As you can see, we have been busy bees. We are cooking up some new exciting specials and events – and we are starting off the new year with a BANG. Book a portrait session by January 3 and receive a FREE 11×14 Mounted Print with your session (a $55 value!) AND, be in the first 5 to book and receive $100 OFF your collection purchase! Session must be held by March 31, and may be used for any type of session (family, maternity, newborn, child, etc!) Email to book your session or get more info! 

{Enter to Win – FREE Mini Session} San Antonio Photographer

August 16, 2011 · 4:18 am

Interested in a FREE mini session?

Are you on Facebook?

Want to give winning a free session a shot?

Here’s the scoop: EMAIL me a photo (of you, your family, your kidlet – whatever you think will get you the most likes!) with the subject line of BACK-2-SCHOOL to melissa@photographybymelissar.?com – you will have until midnight CST on Wednesday, August 17 to get it to me. On 8-18, I’ll post the photos – you will then need to get the most “LIKES” by midnight Sunday August 21 (I’ll be checking!) to win a FREE MINI SESSION. The Facebook page where the photos will be posts is Annnnnd – GO!

C returns home….San Antonio Family Photographer {OpLove Photographer}

April 14, 2011 · 3:01 pm

So many words to say about this family… I was there to photograph J’s maternity session, S’s newborn session, her growing up during her first year, and now, as C returned home from a deployment overseas….

How J is so much more than a client now, she’s a friend. And how S is like family to me, like a niece!

How this family has made it through two deployments in just over a year, with a smile (most of the time).

So many words. But I won’t bore you with words – let me show you a little sample of what family means. What love means. This family….they KNOW love. And it shines here.

Catching Up {San Antonio Newborn Photographer, San Antonio Family Photographer, San Antonio Photographer}

January 30, 2011 · 8:41 pm

While each of these amazing little munchkins, gorgeous families and incredible people will get their own blog post soon, I wanted to post a little catch up to show just a few things I’ve been up to over the past few months – between sessions, weddings, holidays and personal time, blogging hasn’t been easy! To keep up to date with all the happenings, head over to the Facebook page at

Facebook Page

{Strength} Elijah’s Story – San Antonio Child Photographer, San Antonio Photographer

December 9, 2010 · 7:13 pm

Elijah. This kid is a spirit, a force to be reckoned with. Sweet, loving, tenacious and a firecracker he is 100% boy.

I had a chance to pair up with the Kid’s Cancer Crusade, a wonderful organization helping out those kiddos & their families who have been dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

I’ll let Elijah’s Mom tell you his story – grab a tissue you just might need it!

Elijah’s Story
Elijah was born December 9, 2004. He was a relatively healthy baby, but suffered from asthma and allergies. Even with these ailments he was a happy child who was always smiling. He enjoyed being the man of the house with mom and older sister Jaidyn.

In November of 2007 Elijah came down with a fever and some muscle aches. His teachers at daycare noticed that he was sitting out during playtime, even though he always played before, even when he didn’t feel well. After a particularly rough night in which Elijah could not sleep because of the muscle aches, I decided he needed to go to the emergency room. At this point in his life, just shy of 3 years old, Elijah was not excited about going to see the doctor, but when I asked if he needed to go he completely agreed.

Early on the morning of November 17, 2007 Elijah and I headed to the emergency room, thinking he would be given some antibiotics and we would be on our way home. After a few hours the doctor decided he needed to order some blood work. He let me know that he suspected his blood counts may be abnormal which could indicate some type of cancer. While waiting for the results, Elijah called his Nana and asked her to come sit with us.

No too long after the blood work was done, a new doctor walked in and the news was written all over his face. Dr. Estrada told us that Elijah had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and would be admitted to Methodist Children’s Hospital immediately to begin treatment. During these many hours, Elijah allowed himself to be poked and prodded, with little complaint, but you could tell he was still in pain. Once settled into his room, Elijah received some medication that made him feel much better, and like his old silly self. Although I was still in shock, seeing Elijah laughing, smiling, and making jokes again gave me the feeling that everything would be ok.

Over the next couple of days, Elijah had his first surgery, the placement of a port, and received his first dose of chemo. Although he did not understand what was happening, he still did his best to make everyone laugh, and soon became a favorite of all the nurses. He made many new friends, and met another doctor, Dr. Quezada (whom Elijah nicknamed “The Man”), who would be seeing Elijah at the Children’s Cancer and Blood Center. After a week of treatment, Dr. Quezada let us know that the chemo was working incredibly, and that all of the cancer cells had been wiped out and Elijah was officially in remission.

We settled into the hospital for another two and a half weeks, again with little complaint from Elijah. I believe that although he wanted to go home, and to see his friends at school, he understood that the doctors and nurses were making him better and that was most important. After being released from the hospital we moved into a new house right around the corner from Nana, and began his treatment program.

Elijah has been in treatment for three years and has just about 5 months left. Over these three years he has had countless doctors’ appointments and received numerous medications. He has received chemotherapy through his port, orally, and interthecally (directly into his spine via a lumbar puncture). He also received ten days of radiation therapy. Throughout all these treatments, Elijah has come to love going to the CCBC and any other doctor and actually looks forward to treatment. He takes his oral medications without a fuss, actually chewing them without a drink (eww!) and LOVES having any procedure where he has to be sedated because he likes the “sleepy juice”.

Elijah has tolerated all of this treatment incredibly well, having only been admitted two times other than his initial hospitalization. People who don’t know him are shocked to know he has been fighting this battle. In March of 2008, the Make-a-Wish Foundation sent the family to stay at Give Kids the World Village and to visit Disneyworld, Universal Studios, and Sea World Orlando. Elijah had the time of his life, and Jaidyn, Nana, and I had trouble keeping up with him!

Elijah attended pre-k last year, and is now enjoying Kindergarten. He has served as a spokesman for cancer awareness at his school, and answered questions for his fellow students about what he is going through. Although he is not as healthy as other children, he is still the same happy, silly boy he was before his diagnosis. He has taught many around him to be thankful for what they have and to face any setbacks head-on and to fight with all you have.

Elijah & Family, thank you for sharing your story with me. I hope you enjoy your photos!

A little tough to get started.....

{Strength} – San Antonio Family Photographer, San Antonio Military Photographer, OpLove Photographer

September 26, 2010 · 4:11 am

There is so much to be thankful for.

Our family. Friends. Loved ones. The annoying people that make us strive to be better people (yes, I went there).

We should never forget to be thankful for the basics – in this case, our freedom. Because our freedom is not free. Our freedom costs so much sometimes. We should be thankful for the people who are out there defending it, making our country a safe, desired and FREE place to be.

Meet the H family. M is currently deployed (he left for deployment shortly after this shoot). A is here, holding down the fort (figuratively speaking, of course!) with these two AMAZING boys. I only wish the sun would stay just on the horizon longer, so we could have shot longer – this family is amazing.

Without further adeiu, this is the H family. And I really, really like them, and I cannot wait to see M come home!

Product Photos – San Antonio Photographer

September 16, 2009 · 1:18 am

Lots of people ask me about products that I offer. While I like to think I have a way with words (I do, right?), the old adage is true – A picture speaks a thousand words.

So here are some seriously mediocre photos of some seriously AWESOME products – but when you have a one year old sitting on your lap, your options are pretty limited.

I do hope you will find these photos and descriptions helpful. If you are curious about pricing, please drop me a note and I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The first product is a Standout. A mounted print, a standout is a thick lightweight board finished with a black plastic edge and comes ready to display with hanging holes on the backside.

StandoutStandout CornerStandout Side Close Up

And next is the Gallery Mount. A favorite for nurseries and living rooms, it also makes for a wonderful gift for grandparents as well! An upscale mounting option, a Gallery Mount comes ready to hang, with a beveled finished edge in either black or white. Beautifully crafted onto a hard backing, a Gallery Mount is a timeless way to display your images in style.

Gallery Mount FrontGallery Mount Bevel Edge SideGallery Mount Bevel Corner 2Gallery Mount Bevel Corner

And then we have the canvas. Gallery Mounted onto Museum quality paper, then hand stretched onto a wooden frame, it’s a personal favorite of mine. As a matter of fact, you may recognize the models in this example – it’s my own two kiddos.

Canvas FrontCanvas SideCanvas Corner